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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Party's Over

Labor Day weekend came and went, and what a party it was.  Both sides of the booth were open for check-ins as over 300 RVs came in during a two day period.  By now we all had plenty of experience under our belts and it was the smoothest process we have ever accomplished.  Go Team Go!

We had three nights of music under the big outdoor tent, free alcohol compliments of the local RV dealership which had our parking lot full of new RVs and a park that was 98% capacity.  It was a wonderful carnival atmosphere and I was able to fully enjoy the music on Sunday night and dance to Runaround Sue, among several of my favorite songs, as sung by Charles Suniga  .

Also, a square dancing club was here for the weekend so when not dancing or listening to music, I also spent some time watching the intricacies of square dancing at its best and remembered that way back when, my mom and dad belonged to Buttons and Bows, a square dancing club.  My mom would wear these swirly skirts with stiff petticoats underneath and my dad would wear a spiffed up cowboy shirt and off they would go to a night of square dancing.  I loved the remembrance and listening to the caller call out such phrases as the "Ping Pong" and the "Brad Pitt". 

What a way to go out....

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