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Friday, September 24, 2010

Kingman, AZ

And in my box of chocolates today I got.....the Hoover Dam!

Even though I kept seeing signs leading me in that direction, I kept telling myself I was not going over the Hoover Dam, people make it a vacation destination and no way was I going the tourist route. I looked on my map twice, and still never saw it coming until I was in a mile long line moving at 5mph.  Even then, I thought it was because we were crossing over into Arizona and there was a check point ahead.  It wasn't until I had been directed into the RV line, opened up Minnie for inspection and asked the inspector what the security check was for that I finally got it that I was going over Hoover Dam.  It was packed with tourists, cars, rented RVs and photo ops and all I could think of was "get me out of here!".   I still have no idea how I end up in these unintended places.

So, it took me an hour longer than anticipated today but I am currently outside of Kingman at the Blake Ranch,, a funky little park and it was so hot I had to turn on my AC for a few hours after arriving.  It is nice and cool now but I have got to get up to some higher elevations so thinking about Flagstaff for tomorrow.  I got a call from my soon-to-be boss and my RV site won't be available until October 1st so I have a few more days of vacation left and am trying to decide the best places to stay for those extra days.

I'll figure it out tomorrow.

Oh, also, I filled out a survey and got a Route 66 pin in exchange.  What a bonus!

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