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Monday, September 27, 2010

Gallup Day 2

I am finding it a bit of a challenge to find RV parks for the next few days.  The famous Albuquerque Balloon Festival starts this weekend so prices at the parks are going up, if they even have any availability.  So I am staying at this same park for another night and tomorrow I have a site booked closed to Albuquerque for the next three nights and then I will arrive in T or C on October 1st.  That seems to be the plan.

This park is ok,, wish the swimming pool was open, but I guess with the cool nights it was too hard to keep it warm enough for swimming.  The days are warm but bearable and the nights cool down considerably.  Looks like that will be the standard for my coming winter months.  This park does offer a nightly BBQ so last night I chose the fried catfish, not bad, and tonight I will choose something else off the menu.  The park is located on Route 66 so lots of Route 66 memorabilia for sale.  I might like to do more of that route one of these days.

On the agenda for today is a shower, reading and just chillin'.  The higher altitudes, dry weather and remnants of whatever that thing was I picked up have left me not feeling as well as I would like so I am just taking it as easy as possible.  I am also somewhat enjoying the lack of conversation, other than talking to myself:).  Recharging my me batteries before I am back in the public eye chatting and being hospitable.  That will all come soon enough.

I get a daily Note from the Universe and I had to laugh when I received today's.  So very true.
 I also didn't tell you, Susan, that in this life alone, you'd cover more territory than most do in 1,000 lifetimes. But I bet you'd believe me now... "Secretariat." 
Chess anyone?
Mural at the dining area

Kokopelli Land
Eagle Sculpture
Bear Fountain

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