The Aspect Of My Life

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pahrump, NV

How could you not want to stay at a place called Pahrump?  I wanted to visit this place the last time I was in the area so took the opportunity to stay here this time around.  It is a small town just West of Las Vegas.

The best thing about Pahrump is this most amazing RV resort I am staying at, definitely moving to the top of my list.  I have my own private gazebo and stainless steel grill that goes along with a large, level cement pad.  I spent the day lounging around several pools, each with their own temperature.  My lunch was served pool side, cocktails if I wanted, and there is no body here!  This is a 5 star resort and I am just wondering where are all the people??  For the several hours I was at the pool area only three other women showed up and one man, and one of the women lives in Pahrump and pays a monthly membership fee for use of the facilities.  This gem should certainly be the talk of the road.  Oh, and the price I am paying?  The grand total of $27.25 per night:).

Gotta stay another night.
My own private gazebo
Looks like I will have to grill some food.  And how do you like having your own garbage container!?


  1. How CUTE is that gazebo??? I knew about Pahrump because that's where Art Bell of 'Coast to Coast AM,' an AM late night radio show, lived. He used to talk about the town and things in the vicinity.
    I wonder if they have a monthly rate? Have to check that out. : )

  2. Hi Barbara,
    Yes, they DO have monthly rates. I can highly recommend it.