The Aspect Of My Life

Friday, September 17, 2010


Back in Eugene for a few nights, still carrying parts of Mt. Hood with me.

I wake up and look out my window to a totally different scenery.  The sounds are different.  I want to whack the weed whacker.  I miss peeking out my window and the comfort of seeing Jan's trailer next to me, Everett across from me.  I still have the vision of their presence.  I feel turned around and disoriented as my bed faces a new direction.  This is what comes from being so long in one location.

I am also anxious to get back on the road.  I have taken care of  the mundane business of replenishing supplies, getting mail, visiting the bank.  All is falling into place for the next journey down the road and I am eager to step onto the path.


  1. Susan, enjoy your time off - the next adventure will start soon. Your rig is so nice - it's what I'd like, I think, when I finally buy my own RV. It's almost been a year since you got her, if I remember right. Happy traveling! :)

  2. Yes, it has been almost a year of full time RVing which I will have to blog about soon.
    I love my Minnie and hope you will find one that you will love as well. It is an amazing bond.