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Saturday, September 18, 2010


For the third time I am back at the Seven Feathers RV resort and this time I am not quite as impressed.  The resort is so full all they had left was a back-in and the internet is painfully slow.  But it is still the best bargain out there at only $33 per night and you can't beat the scenery and amenities.

Spent the day pedaling away in the fitness center while watching a very impressive Husker football team and then went to the casino.  I still have no idea how to play the machines, where is Sherita when I need her, and lost a whopping $2.00 before I decided that was as much entertainment as I could stand.  Ate at the buffet which had a very full selection and l left very full:).

Tomorrow I have the dreaded mountain ranges to cross before arriving in California and my next RV park.  The park is one of Gloria's favorites so I am looking forward to some warmer weather, no rain and a nice park.  I continue to treat myself to this wonderful vacation I am on.

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