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Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Neighborhood

While I was diligently working during the Huckleberry Festival, each night I came home to a changed neighborhood.  One night I came home to a family behind me who had settled in with a tree swing and several hammocks.

Another night I came home to a car, just a car, parked next to me with several pre-teenagers gathered around a fire in the fire pit.  Since I generally know when someone is moving in next to me, I questioned them as to whether they had a site tag designating that this was in fact where they were supposed to be.  An adult was summoned, and no, he did not have a site tag.  I promptly sent him to the office in the hopes that they were in an incorrect site and that these would not be my new neighbors.  Unfortunately, they did come back with a site tag and later in the evening put up two tents as their now new, permanent residence.

 This was all very odd to me since we never put just tents in the long term section of the park, but there they were and checking on the computer it looked like they were going to be here for a year!  It just kept getting stranger. 

After several days of them as my neighbor, watching them throw knives and hatchets, a hatchet stuck in a tree which pained me every time I had to see it, I was considering the possibility of moving to another site or giving the office the ultimatum of either they go, or I do.  Miraculously, one morning they were packing up and moving everything down to an RV at another site.  There was some talk about a probation officer showing I don't know the full details, but I am happy to report that I now have my space, peace and tranquility back to myself. 

Even Everett's site changed as he built a deck addition onto his RV.  I love how he now has a perfect place to hang all his skis in preparation for the winter.

What a world, what a world:).


  1. Wow - you can stay for a year, AND you can build a deck off an RV? What kind of park is this that people can do that? (If I lease my condo when I get my motor home, I'll be looking for a place to stay long term until I retire, but didn't think I would find one to stay that long.) Glad the teenagers moved further away! Wouldn't want to live near people throwing axes and knives! The deck doesn't look so bad, though. Lucky you were gone when the hammering was going on.

  2. Hi Barbara,
    There are many parks where you can stay for a year at a nicely discounted price. You do need permission from management to build a deck so that is not always an option but the longer you stay, the more options you may have. There is an amazing world just waiting for you:)