The Aspect Of My Life

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Albuquerque, NM

I love this park ( and am very happy to be able to spend a few days here.  This site is wide and nice, free popcorn in the office as well as free breakfast, a wonderful store which is immaculately clean and great gifts to buy (Winnie is now sporting a wind balloon purchased at the store:)).  Another bonus is an outdoor pool which is small but perfect for my needs.  Another few days of lounging at the pool and I will have lost my Oregon white:).

The only downside is the wifi which is slower than I would like and they reduce it to dial-up speed if you watch any videos or download files.  But other than that, it is a great park and one I would like for a workamper position.  A perfect end to this perfect vacation I have been having.


  1. I love your balloon wind mobile! (Is that what you call it?)

  2. Yes, that is what I would call it. It is windy today and I have been watching it spin round and round. Fabulous!