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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Oh, boy, I have found a new home.  And so the dilemma begins...

Neighbor Maria is looking for a motorhome to replace her 5th wheel, something along the lines of Minnie, so we went RV browsing.  I found a really nice Class C Tioga which would be great for "some day" and she found a beautiful 21' Tioga that would be perfect for her needs.  I am happy with my "some day" and am encouraging her to buy the 21' Tioga since it is in immaculate condition and 21' motorhomes are extremely rare.  Should have stopped looking at that point.

 But, nooooo, we have to go to one more place and there it is, a 24' Safari Trek.  I am in love with the Trek.  The bed is recessed into the ceiling and by the push of a button lowers when it is needed.  This means you have a huge amount of living space when the bed is not lowered down.  And, the interior has lots of storage space and all these beautiful upgrades that have always made me drool when visiting Mary Ann's 29' Trek.  I was even considering the possibility of buying Mary Ann's Trek in the Fall if she decides to go off-road.  Twenty-nine feet is a lot of room for me, but I do so love these Treks that I am considering it.  Then, there it is, the rarest of beasts, a 2002 24' Trek, 67,000 miles, brand new tires, all the bells and whistles and just had a thorough maintenance.  The asking price is the same as my Tioga "some day", but I know Tiogas will be plentiful, but when will I ever find such a perfect Trek.  And, Maria says she will buy Minnie.

The problems begin when I think about financing.  I paid cash for Minnie and do I really want to take on monthly payments?  More money for insurance, a Class A versus a Class C, etc. etc.  But that Trek is so sweet and so mine. 

Tomorrow, I am gonna go for a test drive.

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