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Saturday, April 3, 2010


Wow, what a week it has been.  It has been an avalanche of non-stop problems, details, detours and up-grades.

My laptop got a serious virus so I have been without computer access since Tuesday morning, not a happy experience!  It feels as though I lost my eyes and my voice during that time.  I missed being able to share my experiences, vent when needed and worst of all, it felt like not being able to write was like loosing my best friend.  I went to a drum circle last night, Friday, and when asked to put an expression of ourselves into the circle, mine was swirling Void.  That about sums it up:).  If I were to enter an expression into the circle right now, it would be Bliss.  I feel so blissful right now to be back online, to have my voice back, and to know I have weathered this storm that trapped me in a thick whiteness where it was hard to breathe and I was not sure when I would be able to resurface.

During the week there were numerous other problems, most of them unseen and unknown until they were squarely in my face.  I have not felt like this since the last time I was in Eugene and was dealing with contractors, electricians, painters, inspectors.  Tying up the loose ends of a previous lifetime is like rebooting a computer's hard drive, a tedious, lengthy procedure.  Patience and courage my constant watch words.

I read four books during my time without internet, threw away the bed over the cab and replaced it with canvas storage bins, fumed and fussed, cleaned and altered.  It is a new beginning as I prepare to live with no extraneous baggage weighing down my tail feathers, freeing myself for the flight before me.

And, oh, the dreams, insights and downloads have been amazing.  Don't know where I am going, but it is surely upon us.:)

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