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Friday, April 16, 2010


So today was a new day, having its ways with me.

Rafe, my RV repair guy while in Eugene,  fixed what he believed to be the cause of the leakage and after caulking several different sections, I should be good to go.  We also talked about my concerns down the road, such as my battery and water heater, and those are also good for the time being.  Rafe told me the best thing I could do for my water heater is to do a yearly flush which flushes all the sediment that accumulates at the bottom of the water heating tank and showed me a flushing wand which would do the trick.  Basically, you attach the wand to a hose, put the wand in this hole, and flush away.  Seemed simple enough.

Well, not so simple!  First of all, there is this plug in the hole that needs to be removed with the use of a socket.  Didn't have such a thing.  So I trotted down to Mary Ann to see if she had sockets, which she did, but not the size we needed.  While we were trying to figure out our next move, my neighbor once removed, there is no one on either side of me at the moment, came home and we started up some conversation which led to her checking to see what tools she had on hand.  She had a full supply of sockets, but none of them were large enough.  Good news is the conversations with her led to the knowledge that she is a solo woman from Colorado and I am looking forward to some fun party time with her:).   Bad news is, we had to go on a search for a larger socket. 

Mary Ann and I finally ended up at a discount auto supply store and with the help of a friendly store clerk, and an even nicer discount (pays to be a woman in these type of stores:)), I now have a 7/8" socket, an extender and that thingey that the socket goes into (can't remember its name at the moment).  And, I have a flushing wand, which also took a couple of trips to find a store that sold one.  Why can't anything be easy????

The actual flushing of the water heater is pretty easy, once you have all the tools.  I am now all set up for the yearly flush,  learned a lot today, made a new friend and my water heater is sediment free.   Yep, the day had its way with me......again.

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