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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Block Party

Oh be still my heart, my new friend Maria just came home with a new puppy!  It is a 12 week old female German Shepard, name of Lola, and I am just ecstatic that I will be an official Auntie for the next several weeks.  Worst of it is she took off to Portland today and won't be back until tomorrow.  Just a little tease and run:).  The white Bichon, Maggie, is a puppy mill rescue in need of lots of love and to be shown that life can be good.  Happy to give her lots of lap time.

Also on the agenda yesterday was a tour of homes.  A very unique Scamp 5th Wheel pulled in and we all had to have a viewing, even before they were officially set-up:)  The cabinets inside are all blond wood and the walls are carpeted throughout.  The space is a bit tight for me, but it is really a sweet little home on wheels.

Perfect time for me to also view the Air Stream that has been parked a few spaces down:

And, finally, here is the beautiful Trek that Mary Ann drives:

Ok, I am still trying to get the hang of blogging and posting pictures.  It feels a bit exhausting!


  1. Thanks for taking the time with the pictures. I very much enjoy the vicarious travel experience with my Internet friends, and the pictures add a great deal to the experience.


  2. Well, glad to know it is appreciated. You have been the inspiration that led to the camera that led to all this picture taking:).