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Thursday, April 22, 2010


Serious case of wanderlust today, miss being on the road.  This is the longest I have spent in one spot and it gets harder by the day.  I have nothing against my neighborhood or neighbors, but I miss the excitement and adventure of traveling down the road, never knowing where I will end up.  I am missing stimulation.

My list is now down to haircut and oil/filter change for Minnie.  The rest of the time is just "filler".  Spouse came by today to pick up the divorce papers and hopefully he will sign and file them.  He has talked about re-crunching numbers which will delay a process I am so ready to be done with.   I am weary of the sense that men can so impact my life and am thankful for men-o-pause.  I want to be Me, fully and completely, and see where that leads me.  It has been a long detour into man-land, and I hope my tour is soon over.

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