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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday in Eugene

I am up early again to meet dear friend Jan for breakfast.  Jan was my teacher for akashic clearings  and we have been enjoying one another's company since our first meeting.  I ordered my favorite pacific coast breakfast of eggs benedict with salmon and we spent two hours catching up with one other.   She has recently returned from Buenos Aires and we compare and relate our travel experiences.  It feels so good to be with a kindred spirit and to speak the language we both understand.

Grandmother Agnes Baker is blessing the Willamette River so I show up for this ceremony later in the afternoon.  Grandmother Baker is one of  the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers so even though I have heard it all before, it feels important that I show up in respect and  support.  It is wonderful to see her again and I also reunite with 5 other women I know.  Good to see these women I feel I may never see again.  It also feels like we are being chastised for not "doing" enough and I am glad to release this energy, knowing I Am that I Am, and that is enough.

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