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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Saturday in Eugene

There are no pictures or videos that can capture the Eugene Saturday Market, probably no words that can capture it either, but I am going to give it a try.

The Eugene Saturday Market is a cornucopia of farmers selling organic produce, drummers and speeches in the Free Speech Plaza, live music on the outdoor stage, vendors selling food to make your mouth water, and countless artisans plying their trade.  It is a collection of auditory, visual and sensory energy that can't help but make your heart sing and your mouth smile.  Basically, it is a love fest and where I always want to be on any given Saturday in Eugene.

This past Saturday was no exception and Maria and I were up early and at the Market by 9:00 AM, pretty dang early for me:).  I usually go by myself, but having a new friend with me made the experience even more pleasurable, if that is possible.

We hit the farmer's market first, sampling organic goat and feta cheese, oh wait, here are some honey, nuts and berries to sample, and over here are some radishes you might want to sample.  An amazing visual display of carrots, beets, lettuce freshly picked this morning.  A photographer's delight...sorry I don't have my camera, but knowing I can't fully capture the energetic beauty of these earthly delights.

Next we walk among the artisans, stopping to talk with my friend Connie who does tarot readings and who was such an inspiration and teacher during my initiation with the Cards.  Seeing, smelling, talking, entering the realm of the Saturday Market.

The real lure has been a necklace I saw the week before and has continued to beckon me, a relentless siren.  I find the booth and my necklace is still there.  It is made of Mountain Mahogany with a malachite lizard  inlay.  I try it on, our energies meld, and it is mine.  I want to live in the energy of this booth and the artisan, he who has made this necklace and is such a man of the Trees.  His eyes sparkle, he knows and loves the world that I also know, and I want to rest within the roots of the Trees that speak to him.  It is an amazing bonding.  Maria must also feel the energy and she buys three of his necklaces.

We eat Rita's Burritos, enjoy the sunshine and savor the day.  We can't imagine there being anything better.

I have supported many of the artisans in Eugene, know where the fair trade stores are, and so our next stop is Greater Goods, my favorite place to buy just about anything.  I have spent so many dollars here they know me by name.  Maria buys some of their new consignment clothing and falls in love with a hat that is made of hemp and will respond to any shape she desires.  She is totally transformed by this hat.  I also find a hat that fits me, and suits me, and we both walk out with new hats. 

I promise I will post of a picture of us in our new hats and new jewelry.

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