The Aspect Of My Life

Thursday, April 22, 2010


It's funny how we become an inspiration to others, how in just leading our lives others observe and find a spark that lights a fire within them.

Earlier this week I bumped into a woman I knew from my time at the Tamarack pool in Eugene.  In that chance encounter, I listened to her story, shared mine, and was once again called "gutsy".  As I related my tales, I watched her transform before my eyes, excitement of a new life beginning to light within her, her smile broadening and life coming back into her eyes.  My life shining as an example of a possibility, that yes, there was a life beyond her current confines and if I could do it, so could she.

And now someone has just knocked on my door saying I am her heroine.  She remembers me from when I was here in October and she watched and envied me from afar.  She has thought of me all this time, wanting to know my story, wishing it could also be her story.  She is not living at the RV park right now, just visiting, but wants to share time with me and be feed these seeds of freedom.

I am happy to share my journey with these women, honestly relating the fear and courage it has taken to get me to this place.  Jump into the fire women, jump into the fire and be inspired.


  1. It is delightful that you received this feedback and affirmation of your chosen path. Thank you again for sharing the adventure. Vicarious travel can also be refreshing and inspiring, and your sharing is much appreciated.


  2. Always good to hear from you Mike. And I am wondering, why must it be vicarious travel for you, and not the real thing?