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Friday, May 14, 2010

Work Begins

Work didn't actually begin, but I did get paid for an hour's work today while riding around checking out the grounds.  This place is massive, over 100 acres, and at the end of the hour my head was reeling from all the RV sites, camp sites, yurts and various cabins.  My first scheduled day of work is Thursday and thankfully it is just  as an observer.  Come Memorial weekend the place will be packed so hopefully I will have a better understanding of my job by then.

In the meantime I did some laundry which is a bit of a walk so I have to keep my loads small enough to carry back and forth.  I also started to familiarize myself with the multiple nature trails that surround the property.  Mt. Hood Village abuts the Wildwood Recreation Site which is an added benefit and should keep me happily hiking throughout the summer.

Here are some picture from today's walk:

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  1. Great photos. It should be an interesting summer. I look forward to hearing and seeing the adventure as it unfolds.