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Friday, May 7, 2010

Weird, weird, weird

 Weird:  definition, "supernatural influences"

A short while back I posted a blog about a Saturday market artist and the necklace which had such a magnetic pull on my energy field that I had to go back the next week and buy it.  Next thing I know, I had a comment from Taryn, of that very same booth, on my blog site and a new public follower.  How did this happen???  They did not know my name, let alone that I am a blogger, or how to find that particular blog site, which in any event, has nothing to do with my name.  It was all so mysterious and weird.

Maria is just as puzzled as I am as to how this occurred.  But, she somehow stumbles upon a link to the Saturday Market and sends me this:  Part of the mystery is solved.

I am not going to search for any further answers as to how the original person found my blog.  As he/she wrote, it was "a moment in the Mystic realm".

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  1. Hello! Sorry for my delayed response on how I found your blog. I just happened back by your blog tonight.
    I found out about your blog from Kim. She chose us for the Beautiful Booth of The Month and mentioned your blog so I checked it out. :)
    Much Love, Taryn