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Thursday, May 20, 2010


I  am exhausted from my first day of work.  Some of it because of the stress of learning a new job, which is turning out to be extremely high paced and stressful, and some of it because of yesterday which felt like a month's worth of days packed into 24 hours.

The beautiful moments have been making new friends which fed me, always the best!, and knowing I am not alone in this seeming wilderness I travel.   Knowing I have the support of many dear friends who I have called upon in the challenges of the past few days and my family who has become so dear to me.

The details of yesterday's drama have begun to fade with the world of today.  I am being called upon to once again tap into a strength I do not know exists until I am forced to face these many challenges.

I am doing the best I can in these circumstances I never thought would occur in my life.  Most of the time I feel beyond my depth, thrown into a raging sea where the only life preserver is myself.  How do I save myself and my son?  What new drama will present itself tomorrow, will tomorrow be the day we will deal with the death of a former spouse and a father?

I am exhausted and hope I will have the reserves for whatever tomorrow brings.

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