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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


My first sense of this job was that they were extremely understaffed.  If you have worked enough places, you know all the signs.  Employees are disgruntled and stress prevails in the workplace.  When the manager is stressed there is a trickle down effect which effects every employee.  That is the situation I am in.

In an already understaffed work environment, it seems as if we are about to lose one of the more experienced workers.  Just so happens, she is the one I have been assigned to work with during my shifts.  It is all still "hush, hush", but you cannot keep secrets among employees.  I do not know how all this will affect the coming weekend, whose backs will break under the pressure, will other people quit, will even I want to say "forget this!". 

Time will tell, but I am certainly learning a lot from this, my first workamping postion:).

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