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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Good Ole Boys

Ok, so I have these two male neighbors, Tony and Everett.  Tony is an odd mix of Southern redneck and Cherokee man.  The redneck part is the beer drinking, good ole boy from Oklahoma and the Cherokee part is the fabulous deer skulls he has placed in the tree trunks in his space and talk of the peace pipes he makes.  His conversations ramble on and on and just when I have had enough, some pearl of wisdom will slide through.  As I said, it is an odd mixture.

Everett half scares me and half fascinates me.  I have just begun to tap into his multiple layers.  Within the first five minutes of meeting him he was speaking words  I cannot possibly post on this blog, and yet I trusted him enough to go with him on a motorcycle ride.  We rode up to Timberline Lodge and it was all just this fabulous, amazing experience.  We rode up to an elevation of 6,000 feet which meant there was still snow on the ground, glad for the leather jacket and gloves, and Mt. Hood has enough snow to be open for skiing throughout the summer.  The Lodge itself is beyond description, with intricately carved wood throughout and this amazing beauty and spirit.  Everett is an avid skier and knows Mt. Hood intimately so I do not question that our meeting has been a part of my initiation to the energy of Mt. Hood.  Everett is also an artist, an outdoorsman and full of insights.  This is a picture of him,

He used that axe to split firewood for me and this is a picture of his tomato greenhouse

It feels like a month's time has gone into this one day.

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