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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's Good to be Home

Today Dan got a clean bill of health.  It is amazing and inspiring that after only two weeks he can now drive, return to work part time and start to regain entry into his previous life.  The power to heal the body has been the theme of the last several weeks and Dan is a shining example of determination, faith and optimism.  Thank you Dan for setting the bar so high and believing in your own capabilities.

Because we all thought it might happen, I had packed the car with my belongings in the hopes that after the doctor's appointment I would be able to return *home*.  And that is in fact what happened, and I am now back in Mesa with Minnie. 

It is good to be home and I am surprised how wonderful it feels.  I am mutable and can easily adapt to a variety of circumstances and surroundings but nothing gives me such an ecstatic feeling as when I am totally surrounded within my own energy field.  I feel like purring.

Not only am I back in Mesa, but I was able to connect with friends from Eugene.  I have been longing for Eugene so friends from home feel like the cherry on top of this latest ice cream sundae.

Donna and Steve

Donna and Me

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