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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rose Bud

I went to lunch with my son.  It was so good to see him after six months and I love spending time with him.   There is nothing in the world like one of his hugs.

As we pulled back into the RV park we were still having idle conversation when I mentioned I had been thinking about getting a dog, and more specifically, a shitzu.  "Well", says Ben, "I have some friends who have one for sale.  Should I call them?".

Next thing I know I am having a sleep over with a 4 month old female shitzu to see how we get on.  She is really quite lovely.  Smart, playful, sweet...everything you could want in a dog.  She immediately made herself at home in the RV and seems to have no plans on leaving.

On the other hand, I am still not quite sure.  My moon sign is in Virgo which means I like things very clean and organized.  I have struggled to overcome the "clean gene" but it has served me well in these small spaces.  After a walk, Rosie came back wet and muddy and I had that moment of anxiety of a wet, dirty dog invading the premises.  

But she is sitting behind me as I type this, softly snoring, and I wonder which will win out.  If it is not this most perfect of dogs, there will be no dog in my future.  And I am not sure I can let her go.

Ben and Rose Bud
How Can I Say No To That Face?


  1. I tried my best to read this post, but got as far as the title and was overcome with this weird urge to go and assassinate a major political figure. Is that weird?

  2. She's adorable, a good size and came along just when you mentioned her.

  3. Oh, Steve, you really made me laugh:). And nothing is weird to me.

  4. My experience with that breed was not particularly positive. Friendly dog, but stubborn and impossible to potty train to consistency. It can be an issue in such a small space, but if constant potty patrol is not required and you get enough feedback that is good, go for it.

    Friends are nice to have.

  5. I have so many friends who have this breed. They are very lovable. I haven't heard to many complaints about the house training. They are just the sweetest, and I am always so torn about getting one. And they fit so perfect in the small space.
    And yes there is no hug like the hug of a son. :)

  6. I beg you to visit a local shelter if you are thinking about adopting a companion. The shelters are full of loving souls.

    Another advantage is that you won't be encouraging breeders who are a large part of the problem.

  7. Hi Kimbolo,
    This puppy is not from a breeder but a friend of my son whose dog had a litter.

  8. Oh...Rose Bud is a little sweetie! I love those puppy months! John and I like clean and tidy too but I can't imagine being without Gingee. We have a bowl outside so we can dip her little feet into it and splash her body after a muddy trip, which is often during this rainy season. And we have a little electrolux vacuum that is a breeze to use every day. How could you say bye to little Rose Bud? I love her!

  9. I don't think there is any way of maintaining a spotless, sanitized space when it includes a dog. It may not bother you now, but further down the road, and once you get one you can't just get rid of it that easily. I love my dog but will never have another one. And thankfully my sign is Scorpio and I don't know that it's a particularly fastidious sign:-) At least I'm not.

  10. I know you decided against, but... if you want a clean dog, don't get anything with this type of coat- it carries TONS of dirt and dust in. I'm a dog person, so shedding is part of the deal for me, but I have a guest cocker spaniel for a few days and there is more crap getting tracked in on his fuzzy feet than my (clean footed) dogs bring in in WEEKS! (and I have 4 small dogs.)