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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tehachapi, CA

I spent six months living with the desert.  Time enough so that it takes some time getting used to the rainy northwest.  Haven't quite adjusted.

I had become so accustomed to the look and feel of the desert that when I left the Mojave Desert and drove through Tehachapi, CA I thought I had passed into a different dimension and was now driving through Ireland.   The hills, the stones and the varying shades of green were mesmerizing and I was once again drawn into the land of Tehachapi.

My first visit to Tehachapi was when I was riding with my friend Vicky in a Penske truck.  She was moving from Eugene to Ocala, FL and I hitched a ride with her to Baton Rouge, LA to visit my brother.  It was that trip that planted the wanderlust seed so deeply that I knew the road had called me and I would do whatever it took to begin the journey of these many roads.

We pulled off to get gas in Tehachapi and ended up at a gas station/mini mart unlike anything I have ever experienced.  This mini mart had an array of alcohol to rival the biggest of liquor stores.  And not just that, but it sold those small, airline size bottles of just about every liquor that was sold in the large bottles.  I couldn't get over the vast array!  Must be a lot of drinking going on in that town.

Just outside of Tehachapi was a pass with thousands of wind turbines spinning in the wind.  Very impressive.

I passed through Tehachapi again on my first, long voyage to Phoenix.  I was still filled with fear at the time and hoped and prayed the wind turbines would not be blowing.  The pass was gentle with me that day and the turbines were quiet and I eased through the mountains.

But this land continues to call to me, each time showing me a different face.  Something awaits me here and I know I must return some day and spend more time.

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