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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Back at my Mom's

After a couple days in Mesa, I am back at my mom's house.  Dan is much more mobile and we are all hoping that after his doctor's appointment on Wednesday he will be cleared to drive and we can all return to our respective lives.

Ken returned to the park after surgery.  I worried about him so much I probably suffered a worse night than he did.  He now has a pin in his thumb but should be good as new.  He has a doctor's appointment on Thursday.

Paranoia continued to surround me so to ease my mind I visited a Minute Clinic to have my face assessed.  I was reassured that the face looks fine, that even though the glands still felt tender they were not swollen and to just give it a few more days.  I feel I can finally lay it to rest and trust it will not return.  What a ride!

It reminds me once again that life changes in an instant.

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