The Aspect Of My Life

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Back in Eugene, back at Deerwood RV Park, back next to Maria.

It was sunny and beautiful yesterday when I arrived but the weather is now more typical and it is cool and overcast.  For now it feels wonderful to be nestled in amongst the trees, next to a good friend, safe and warm in Minnie and waiting to have lunch with my son.

Maria is here in her recently purchased motorhome and is traveling with four dogs.  And they are not tiny dogs, but three are quite LARGE.  I can't even manage one dog and here she is with a whole brood. 
Lola was just a puppy last time I saw her
Maria tosses the frisbee....
And Lola brings it back

Good Dog Lola!
Earl chases tennis balls

Home Sweet Home (Lola, Caesar and Earl)
Maggie and Cesar
It is wonderful to have my choice of dogs:).


  1. Lola is a beautiful dog!

    I just finished Outlander, and am so thankful to you for recommending it. I have placed the next 3 books in the series on order at my library, but I'm not sure how much I will actually read of Dragonfly in Amber, seeing it covers the Rising and Culloden. Too much violence, and the fact that it actually happened, can make me despise the English, although I know ALL cultures are capable of the same behavior. What a book, and what a series it's going to be! Thanks again.

  2. Hi Gypsy,
    I am halfway through Dragonfly and it has not been as painful to read as Outlander was for me. Another good read.

  3. Other people's pets are the best kind of pets.

  4. We spent eight months at Deerwood in 2005/06 - in site #27. Wonderful owners. If you're still there, tell Mike and Kenny "hello" from Judie Ashford.

  5. Hi Judilyn,
    Mike isn't around much anymore as his son takes care of the park. I don't think Kenny is here anymore either. But I'll say "hi" to site #27 for you:).