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Monday, March 21, 2011


I went into the office this morning to check on routes.  We checked....checked....and checked.  I was looking for perfect reassurance that there would be no wind, no snow, no rain, no fog.  Neither of the routes could offer such assurance so after much discussion and a spin of my pendulum, I opted for I-5.
And I am glad I did.
 This is the view from a rest stop just outside of Weed, CA.  But other than that, I-5 proved to be fast, free of any snow or ice and somehow I don't remember much mountain climbing, although I know this route takes you up to 5,000 feet.   I do remember having a wonderful day driving, blissed out with the beautiful mountains and scenery.  Mt. Shasta was completely covered in clouds as I drove by but at some point I looked back in my rear view mirror and caught a brief glimpse as the clouds parted and she showed me her beautiful face.  She is one powerful mountain.

Kinda What I Saw Looking Back
 I was having such a good day driving I decided to continue on until Canyonville, OR so tonight I am back at Seven Feathers.  Took a shower and did my laundry while dodging in between rain showers.  But who can complain when you are treated to such spectacular sights.

It feels good to be home.
Single Rainbow
Minnie from the Side
Minnie from the Front

Double Rainbow Outside my Window


  1. It sounds like you really enjoy driving. That's good. Most people don't say that in their blogs. Glad you made it to Seven Feathers. It looks really nice with all the trees behind Minnie.

  2. I love driving the most when I feel totally connected to the land and we are doing some kind of dance together. I was so in love with the land I don't think I played the radio the entire day.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day! I love days on the road like that. Winnie looks bee-utiful!

  4. What a wonderful day you had. Your pictures are awesome. Glad you had such a good driving day. RV Park looks great too. Enjoy