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Monday, March 14, 2011

Countdown - Monday

It's hot.  Hot enough to start wearing my hat.  But I also find that I am loving my daily walks to and from the pool and the time spent sunning and emersed in water.  Trying to savor the last days before I start heading into the rain and green of the Northwest.

My daily count down preparations have begun and the added bonus was that I did clean the underside of my awning.  Watching neighbor Joe was the incentive and after I bought an electric scrubbing brush it didn't take too much work and I am very pleased with the results.
Picture me on a ladder, minus the gloves, and height of Joe
The dark streak on the right is what no longer exists 

Today's chores were fill up the water bottles and strap the ladder back onto the rear ladder.  I also reserved my month's RV site in Eugene and scheduled an oil change.  The oil change appointment has tweaked my schedule and now I am leaving Thursday afternoon instead of Friday morning.  It is just one of many adjustments that will need to be made as my next travel adventure begins.

Sometimes I whine because I have to do everything, when what I basically want to do is nothing.  There is no one to split chores with, no one cooking for me, bringing me coffee in bed (high on my list), cleaning the sewer hose.  But the alternative is that I have full rein to do as I please, no compromises to be made, total freedom to listen to my own inner voice and guidance.

For now, it is the best of worlds.

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