The Aspect Of My Life

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are

It has felt very busy these last few days, certainly like things are gearing up for the Spring Equinox.  My days of solitude feel to be ebbing away as I mentally make preparations for the next journey down the road.  I leave on the 18th, less than two weeks time.  I haven't done much traveling since I arrived in T or C the first of October so I am curious to see what the road will feel like as I once again make the trek back to Oregon.

On Sunday I attended my first social event, a block party.  I have kept very much to myself in the two months I have been here and it was a bit of a stretch to pull myself out of my inner sanctum and down the two sites to the party.  We all wore our name tags so now people know my name and greet me as I walk down the street and people are once again knocking on my door.  Even though the energies have accelerated considerably, I still do not feel completely ready to emerge from my hibernation period.

While at the block party a woman sat down next to me and within the blink of an eye we were discussing essential oils and before we could catch our breath we were within our own private bubble discussing sacred truths, Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon and various other topics.  Yep, she's Mormon and I was interested in hearing her beliefs.  She was at my door bright and early the next day for further conversation, sharing various oils and skin care products.  We have decided we like one another, do not have the same belief systems (I do not believe Jesus is the *one* true son of god, and she does not believe in reincarnation) and have come to an understanding with one another.  That being we still have a lot in common, seem to enjoy each other's company, and will just have to disagree on our own particular truths.  She also sells wonderful face care products so she has recruited me to help her host "pampering parties".  Will see how all that goes.

This morning another neighbor knocked on my door bearing gifts of a bracelet and earrings that she had made and I had much admired.  And many emails have been coming through from various friends that spin this new energy even more.  I even received an email from my friend in Russia who *found* me several years back when it seemed impossible that such things could happen.  It made me believe that if someone from Moscow could find me amongst the billions of beings living on this planet, anything is possible.

So maybe it's not so bad, the Hermit emerging from her cave.


  1. It's good to get out and soak in the sun and mix it up with others every now and then.

    Good to see you feeling better.


  2. Thanks Steve. I am feeling better.