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Sunday, March 20, 2011


There were forceful winds all night long and my internet connection completely collapsed.  I was off the road and had a good book to read and very thankful to be safe and sound.

This morning I thought to call and make a reservation at my favorite park in Red Bluff, CA.  When I called at 9:00 AM I was told they were completely full and weren't sure if anyone would be leaving because of the strong winds.  I gave them a credit card number and my phone number in case they did have availability after check-out time and then called Maria to help me check road conditions.

Maria is a new friend I made the last time I stayed in Eugene and she is back at the same RV park.  Our plan has been to spend some time together once I arrive in Eugene and hopefully we will have sites very close to one another.  She had internet access, I did not, so she checked to see what the wind looked like heading north on I-5.  Didn't look too bad at least to Sacramento, so even though that was only 100 miles away, I knew I could make it at least that far.

Traveling was wonderful.  It was cloudy, a few showers, no wind to speak of and light traffic.  Immensely enjoyed the driving and spending time with the energies of the Spring Equinox.  It was during this time period seven years ago that my life was forever altered and it was good to have hours of time to reflect and remember all that has transpired since then.  I also received a message on my phone that there was an available site so come on in to the Red Bluff RV Park.

Wait a minute...did he say RED BLUFF RV PARK????  I listened to the message again, checked the phone number against the park I thought I had called, and yep, I had made a reservation at the wrong RV park.  I wanted the Durango RV Resort where I stayed before.  I loved it there, it is on the list of my top 5 favorite resorts!  Red Bluff already had my credit card information so unless I wanted to do some fancy dancing and try to get out of the reservation, it was once again going to cost me to switch RV parks.  Grrrrr...why do I keep doing this???

So I am at Red Bluff.  It is a perfectly fine park, has great internet and a good Mexican restaurant within walking distance that fed me tonight and will feed me again tomorrow. 

Wonder what park I will end up at tomorrow?
Not exactly where I thought I would be


  1. You know what they say. It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. However in your case your destinations are part of your journey making this all very confusing and oddly fun.


  2. I agree Steve. Very confusing and oddly amusing:).

  3. You are so funny! That looks like a very nice site. And you can go to Durango RV Park next. Why not? I can just see myself doing the same thing. As much a I look forward to traveling alone, there are times when a co-pilot would be nice. Or a driver... :)