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Saturday, January 23, 2010


The man across from me has declared himself to be a Prophet. He has glimpsed a vision of the future and is now stock piling goods in preparation for the coming times of economic collapse and the decimation of a huge percentage of the population. He is crying for people to WAKE UP!!!!! I heard this wake up call a few years back, and even though our visions have some similarity, they are also quite different.

And I wonder, am I totally naive, a distinct possibility, or is my own personal Truth something that will withstand the coming of this new earth? Change is the only inevitable, forget about death and taxes, and the facts are that our Earth, and all the planets in our galaxy, are undergoing changes as we prepare for events that occur once every 26,000 years. I do not believe that anyone has the entire picture, an impossibility that our human form could grasp such enormity, but I do believe in visions.

And so I am left with my own personal perception, perspective of what is daily unfolding. I am a Seer, as he is a Prophet. Are we madmen, madwomen, with our sights that no one else can see? Will it even matter?

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