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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Navarre, Florida

Welcome to sunny Florida, where the weather was so cold last night my water hose froze. Looks like we will be having the same weather for the next week, but I now know the formula to keep the water flowing. Too many people told me too many various ways to prevent the freeze, and now I know who to listen to. Just another learning experience to add to my new book of knowledge.

Winnie and I are much more comfortable with one another and I can now drive for six hours without my nervous system going on high alert. This is my second time back to Florida, once bringing my brother and son down for Christmas, and then back again, and then back again. My original plan had been to head to Mexico Beach, Florida for a month or so, but when I arrived at this RV park in Navarre it felt very much like home so I just decided to stay here for a month or more. It is cool during the day, but the sun shines so it is not too bad. Right about now it is hard to find anyplace that is warm.

I have been in rain deluges, mud up to my ankles, driven through Houston in the dark of night, and Winnie has been scratched and torn by low hanging trees. Spent four hours in Hammond, Louisiana and $400 to get new mud flaps and roof vents replaced. Louisiana was not very good to Winnie and I am happy to be stationary for awhile and settle in with personal belongings back out of the storage spaces. I am here at least until the first of February, and maybe longer.

It has been a challenge to be so much with the unfamiliar, never knowing what the day will bring, where will I spend the night, will I have enough propane to stay warm, a myriad of potential mechanical issues to deal with and knowledge to learn. It feels very much like a quote from someone I met who was trying to help me solve the problem of my now non-working microwave, "Every day is a test, and I must pass". And, the microwave remains non functioning and I have decided to just learn to live without it instead of paying to have it fixed.

New Year's Eve was as unusual as I could have ever imagined. I arrived in Navarre after a very hellish day in Hammond. The sun was shining, it was warm, I had a deluxe RV site right next to the water and it felt like the day from heaven. I was meeting people right and left, RV parks are like that, and was cajoled into going to the New Year's Eve potluck at the pavillion (rec center). So there I was, surrounded by Rving couples, my head wet from the shower, enjoying my new friends and all their stories, thinking to myself, "last new year's eve, I never would have thought this is what the next new year's eve would look like!". Met some really wonderful people, hoping they would adopt me:), and once again fell in love with a dog. Oh, she was so beautiful! And soft, and sweet and everything I want in a dog, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Putting in my request for one, even though I understand they are quite expensive. She even spent time on my bed and I fed her roast beef as a treat and if her owner's didn't already love her so much, I would have stolen her right out of their RV! Gotta get me a dog......

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