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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I bought a microwave, as yet to be installed but I am hoping it will work, played my last game of Bingo (won $5!), ate my last doughnut at Wednesday morning "coffee and doughnuts", somewhat defrosted the freezer, got Winnie an oil change (she is absolutely purring:)), got new neighbors (they don't seem very friendly at this point), stocked up on supplies, received an awesome memory foam for my bed as a gift from Louise the Canadian and made reservations for Mexico Beach from February 1-13. Whew! Been a busy couple of days and the week is flying by in preparation for moving down the road.

I am in my typical grieving phase as I say goodbye to the place that has been my home for a month. I have met such amazing people, laughed with them, heard their stories, shared our hearts. Emotionally getting geared up for once again being on my own, with Winnie my sole companion. I will be weepy for a few days, savoring all my experiences and memories, and come Monday, I will have processed this "leaving energy" and be eager for the new adventure. I have been through this so many times in my lifetime. I am familiar with this pattern of an early energetic leave taking, so when the actual moment arrives, I am ready.

But for now, I am in mourning.

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