The Aspect Of My Life

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I have discovered that Winnie does have a truly bitchin' stereo within the living section. Unfortunately, so did the neighbors:).

I am not one that usually plays music, much more enjoying peace and quiet and the serenity that comes with a quiet place to rest the mind. However, something was in the air yesterday and a particular song by Kan Nal needed to be heard. And then once I started playing the CD, and I realized the quality of sound the speakers put out, I just couldn't get it loud enough. The music was taking me higher and higher and the volume kept getting turned up louder and louder. It wasn't until later that I realized how loud it sounded outside and how much my neighbors were subjected to the volume.

But, there is nothing like Kan Nal or Jesse Cook to take you into the other realms. Flying, soaring, riding the sound vibrations wherever they take you. Whew...sure was good!


  1. Ah, neighbors and music. That reminds me of a tale a friend told me. He is not particularly young, but his neighbors are. They had a taste for rap music. Loud rap music. My friend did not. Finally frustrated beyond restraint, he set up a stereo in his garage, and rummaged through his collection. Being a military minded man, and having a passion for war history, he had in his collections several recordings of German marches from the Nazi era. For several hours he repaid his neighbors as he sat in front of his garage.

    I hope your experience does not prove to be so contentious. Enjoy your music.


  2. Thanks for the laugh!:).

    So far, so good.