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Thursday, January 21, 2010


I finally won at Bingo, a whopping $4.00, and promptly lost it the next night playing Texas Hold'Em. And, I have discovered I like to watch people play Texas Hold'Em much more than I enjoy actually playing the game.

There is this strange, foreign language of "the river, the flop, in the pocket" that eludes me. This is such unfamiliar territory and the cards know I am at odds with them. I am supposed to watch my own hand and also anticipate what other people may be "holding". I rarely know what is going on and seldom have any cards I can play. The Tarot cards may speak to me, but these playing cards shun me as we have no familiarity.

The cards love my friends from Las Vegas and they are always the big winners. I love the way Sherida shuffles the cards, the energy flowing between her and the cards, a soft caress passing between them. No wonder she wins so often!

Me, I am happy when I have lost all my money which means I can finally quit!

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