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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I am not sure if I will ever get used to people passing in and out of my life. That is exactly the type of lifestyle I have signed on for, but I have yet to adjust and still feel the sadness as people move on, drive down the road and I wonder if our paths will ever meet again.

Yesterday was one of those days that feels like a week's worth of artificial time has been compacted into a 24 hour span. Two readings in the morning, afternoon spent sunning, reading, laughing, just "hanging out". My wonderful neighbors moved to a spot a couple spaces down so lots of visiting going on and I am now awaiting new neighbors. Strange to have no one next to me, a big open space, but at the same time it is very peaceful.

Feels like so many new people have arrived. The sweet, calm beach almost felt like Miami Beach yesterday with so many people. More people than usual at the Tiki Hut for the daily sunset ritual. Us "old timers" that survived the bitter cold snap lording it over those that have shown up for the warmer weather.

Evening spent playing Texas Hold'em down at Gypsy Larry's RV. I don't have a gambling gene in my body and could never quite get the hang of how to play. Didn't matter, I was just there for the chips, dip and amusement.

I was the first one to leave and got home just in time for a phone call from a fellow cosmic traveler, relaying messages I needed to receive. I love the way the cosmic forces create a perfect alignment, connecting pieces of the Divine Mosaic, making sure I get my own unique "piece" that keeps me true to my path. Lots of information coming in.

The sadness of the day is that Gypsy Larry and Robin left this morning. They had originally planned to stay until Thursday so the suddenness has left a gaping hole in the neighborhood, with fishing plans and a weiner roast being re-thought. Holes are left but will be refilled. I will get a new neighbor next to me, my previous neighbors will also get a new neighbor, new people will be met, and I will also bear the sadness as people leave to travel their road. And, at some point, it will be my turn to leave, and someone will come in to fill my space.

Will it ever get easier?

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