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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Breath of Life

While in the throes of facial cellulitus, I gave over to my physical body.  I also allowed myself to contemplate what it would feel like to exit this earthly plane, to perhaps take advantage of this opportunity and release my human form.

I wondered what it would feel like, what would I miss, was there anything left undone or yet to experience.   Strangely, I felt no strong resistance to stay, or to go.  What did happen is that the Breath of Life came through in a powerful way.

I don't have words to describe my personal experience with the Breath of Life.  I don't know if it is god/goddess, Universe, Spirit, Star Dust.  The best I have ever been able to describe it is a cosmic orgasm, with the next step beyond that a return to the Breath that gave us life.  It came into my life one day, unbidden and unexpected, opened all my chakras, and pulsed me into an expansive state.  It was a feeling of total ecstasy that is beyond description and its presence has never left.  I ask for this presence whenever I feel the need for it or when I bring my touch during a cranial session.

I was only semi-conscious when it came through the other night.  It felt as if Merlin filled my entire body, swooshing through the halls of my inner chambers, tossing out all the darkness and filling the corridors with Light.

I knew the decision had been made and I was going to stay.

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  1. I'm glad you decided to stick around for a while.

    I think when you have an incident of any kind where you know death is near, it is a life altering experience. I had such an experience in 2004 and was surprised I didn't fear death at all, and from then on I have always felt calm when I think about it. I don't believe I had a decision to make - I just wondered "Is this was dying is like?"