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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tiny Little Boxes

I had a bit of a "tune-up" this morning.  While floating within the layers of my consciousness I glimpse a crescent wrench tightening up a loose bolt within my third eye and things feel a bit clearer for me this morning.

I have more clarity as to why my workamping job feels so challenging.  While at work my consciousness is contained within a very small box.  It is all about staying focused, remembering a vast array of numbers,  which buttons to push, which sequence will get me the desired result and this is all compounded with the constant ringing of the phone and people in the store asking questions.  I have a new understanding as to how this all works, how we can become so absorbed within this sticky web that there is no thought beyond just getting through the day and why at the end of the day I am mentally exhausted and depleted.  It is a brilliant system of "forgetfulness".

I now understand it on a much deeper level and why I feel tethered, rebellious and even a bit angry.  I have fallen into the slave machine.

Now, how will I respond with this new insight?

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