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Friday, July 2, 2010


It is the 4th of July weekend, almost 200 people are checking in on Friday, and it is a comedy of errors.

All is working like clockwork until some unknown software program begins downloading on my computer.  A panic ensues as it must be some type of virus that will soon effect the four computers that are now up and running.  My computer is turned off which leaves us with three computers.  As it begins to download on the computers out in the booth where all check-ins are now occurring, those computers are turned off as well.  This leaves us with only one computer to check in the 60+ reservations that have not checked in.  The booth is closed and all reservations are now moved into the store office.  So much for the wonderful time I was having answering phones and taking care of all store purchases.

Eventually the two store computers are turned back on and we are back to at least half-time.  It is busy, but manageable.

There is another panic as this unknown software download completes on the two store computers.  Jean, my co-worker, and I turn off both our computers so it is at least another 15 minutes before our computers are up and running and we can continue to check people in and allow people to make store purchases.  The lines form but we eventually are back up and running again.

Around 9:00 PM someone runs into an electric pole and wipes out the electricity to several sites.  I am in the process of checking out as my shift is over as the store fills up with people now having problems with their electricity.  There are also people wanting to buy things from the store, check out billiard balls, complain about tent sites that are full of water from the recent rain, and I cannot balance from my day's credit card and cash sales.  There is a machine full of messages because we could not possibly answer all the phone calls and there are just two of us working in the office, both of us still novices to this system.

I cannot do anything but think this has been such a comical day and how much I enjoyed all this amusement.  I eventually balance the day's credit and cash reports, am only 15 minutes past my shift and walk home to find neighbor Jan waiting for me to return, wondering why I am so late.

It has been quite the day and I am looking forward to another work day tomorrow.  What amusements will fill my day?

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