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Monday, June 28, 2010

New Battery

Minnie hasn't been out on the road for awhile so I thought I would start her up to make sure she was still in working order.  Nope, she was not in running condition.  After starting her with the help of the auxiliary battery and the generator she was good for one day, but completely dead again the next day.  After a day's worth of battery charging, still nothing.  Time for a new battery.

I was mulling over the best way to get a new battery, Wren could possibly take me when she comes for a visit on Wednesday; my dad could take me when he comes to visit after the 4th of July; I could possibly get a charge to the battery and drive Minnie to get a replacement battery;  which is the best option....
Time to sleep on it and ask Spirit for some direction.

The next morning Gloria is knocking on my window wanting to know if I would like to go to Kohl's with her.  Count me in!  I am in dire need of an outing.  Also, she is happy to stop along the way to purchase the needed battery.

Neighbor Everett gets the battery out for me and calls Napa to check on the price for a new battery.  It is all set up so that I just need to get to Napa and they will have the battery waiting for me.  Ken, Gloria's husband, gets the battery into Gloria's car, the Napa salesperson has the battery and exchanges the old for the new, cost of $109.00, and when I return several hours later Everett cleans up the connections for me, installs the battery and Minnie is now revved up and ready to roll.

It is the kindness of these wonderful people that humbles me, shows me my vulnerabilities and weaknesses.  All that is asked of me is that I "pay it forward".

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  1. "Kindness is never wasted." Aesop.

    I try to always remember this. I am not generous or kind by nature. Both are always a choice for me. Like forgiveness, kindness benefits the one who bestows it. It is not the worthiness of the recipient. It is not the act itself. It is the choice. Choosing to forgive, choosing to be kind, makes me more fully human.