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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jan, My Neighbor

I am always so happy when my neighbor Jan shows up for the weekend.  It feels like it is the only time I have any real conversation, far from the mundane world of working and the Oregonian mountain people that have become the staple of my days.

Jan is a Stanford graduate, did some time at Harvard, and I love being able to converse on a variety of subjects.  After a long eight hour shift she greets me with a note on my door, "Nice Weather!  9:30 - Yes!", meaning the weather is once again raining, and she will be happy to join me at 9:30 PM when my shift ends for cocktails and conversation.

It is midnight before we are sated with conversation and I tell her for the umpteenth time how much I love having her as my neighbor, how much I enjoy her company and we are finally able to retire to our separate homes.

After another eight hour shift tomorrow, she will be there waiting for me, as I will be looking forward to her, and we will share our lives and stories with one another, knowing how special this time between us is and savoring every moment.

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