The Aspect Of My Life

Monday, June 14, 2010


I love socializing and meeting new people.  This is one of the reasons why I have chosen this particular life style.

However, I also love being by myself, finding my own company very healing and soothing.  It is a balancing act that requires daily refinement and just the right mixture of solitude and companionship.

Yesterday was a bit of a juggle as I found myself with too many commitments.  Neighbor Jan is in town so we spent some time talking.  I also was expected for cocktails with Gloria and Ken and Chelle stopped by to invite me for pork spareribs.  In addition, Everett was back from work and in need of conversation.  Because this section of the park is designated for the long term residents, the bond is different.  We will be in each other's lives for several months versus several hours or days and this has taken some adjustment on my part.   I am known, even if on a very surface level.  People stop by, people knock on my door, people find me.  (It is now 9:15 PM and Chelle has just knocked on my door bringing me yet another meal.  I feel as if I am being stalked with food).

This is a new experience for me and it needs a bit of refinement.  With the weather turning warmer, I will be outside more but that will not necessarily mean I will be wanting more conversation.  Maybe I should put up a Do Not Disturb sign.....


  1. I love living in my RV, because when someone knocks on my door, I can move my house.

    Seriously, I *really* struggle with what you are describing and can feel the tension of trying to strike a balance. I love meeting new people. I just spent two hours with a solo woman RVer who happened to be parked next to me. I didn't want her to leave.

    But then I need hours and hours and hours of alone time. And it seems like others don't need as much as I do and experience my need as a rejection.

    I guess it is the plight of the introvert? We are only 20% of the population, you know.

    And I wanted to call you the other night. I was having a solo woman meltdown. Ha ha.

    "I want to talk to Susan Starwalker Minnie Minerva! She will understand how I feel!" ;)

  2. Already you present a lesson in the life of work camping. It shall be informative to learn how you strike this balance, and find ways to manage this particular culture.

    There is a Hermit that resides within me. I have always struggled against that compulsion, knowing instinctively that too little contact with humans will dehumanize me.

    However, I have been surrounded by family for a great many years. The past twenty years I spent as a correctional officer in jail, in close association with a lot of people every day.

    Perhaps the time of the Hermit has come. I have been dreaming awake of a drum and a flute and the banks of a river. Yes, soon.

    Thanks again for sharing.


  3. I am glad others understand this inner, outer pull. No wonder some days I feel dizzy!