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Monday, June 14, 2010

Pizza Night

My planned pizza night has been taken from me.  Last Wednesday Gloria made a wonderful curry and I supplied ice cream sundaes as my contribution.  My turn for the main meal was coming up this Wednesday and I had already decided this was becoming too much of a burden for me and after my pizza night, I was going to bale on the weekly workamper get together.  I am not trying to recreate any aspects of my former life that I did not enjoy.

I stayed late after last week's dinner and Gloria confided in me that she no longer wanted it to be such a scheduled event, and would like it to be a bit more impromptu.   Glad to know I was not the only one feeling a bit stressed by this "schedule".

I expressed my feelings to Chelle, how  I am not enjoying this, and to count me out on any further weekly gourmet meals.   Chelle loves to cook, will happily cook three meals a day, and since no family will be with them for the next few days, she wants to cook one last adult meal.  I happily hand over Wednesday's meal to her.  Instead of my planned "going out for pizza" she is planning a meal of  baked feta, pistachio crusted shrimp, Greek chicken, and who knows what else.  In addition to this menu, she continues to try to feed me daily, along with the entire office staff.  It is starting to feel like too much and I have recently turned down two meals.

Lesson learned.

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