The Aspect Of My Life

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Off Road

Mary Ann, Sherita and Greg are now off road.  What that means in RV lingo is that they are no longer living the RV life.  Mary Ann has sold her beautiful Trek and Sherita and Greg are living in a large house re-accumulating all the possessions they rid themselves of to live in their RV home.  RV life is just not for everyone.

Recently a few people have asked me if I am ready to be done with this lifestyle.  I just look at them and laugh and say "No Way!".  To date, this has been the lifestyle that suits me best.

I love living with the elements.  I love waking up amongst the trees, listening to the birds, while at the same time savoring my inner sanctum.  It offers all the joys of camping with all the amenities of home.  I have always loved to travel but found it a challenge to be away from home.  Now I travel with my home.

I don't mind walking to the laundry to wash my clothes.  I don't mind using whatever facilities are available for my showers.  I don't mind having a small kitchen to cook in and I don't mind emptying my sewage.  I have learned to deal with whatever weather comes my way and I don't mind that sometimes I am cold, and sometimes I am hot.

I love not knowing where I will be after I leave wherever I am.  I love the excitement of the next adventure, of the unknown that awaits.  I love living within communities that constantly change and I love meeting new people.  My life is temporary and I love how that feels.

I love that I am finally living my life.


  1. I love this recent update Susan!

  2. Thanks Steve. Hope to meet you down the road one of these days.

  3. If it fits then thats the way to go. You seem to know exactly what makes you happy and in life thats what really counts.
    Enjoy it all.

  4. My husband says we should start looking for a place to settle, "in case". I think there's still far too much to see, but I understand his thinking since we've been on the road for thirteen years now. Settle? But what if there's someplace better around the next bend?