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Monday, May 16, 2011

Say It Isn't So

New Site
After much resistance, yes, it is true, I am back at Mt. Hood for the summer.  For a brief moment I thought I might take a position in San Jose, CA, but the pull of the Mountain was much stronger and so I find myself back at the craziest of crazy places.

I chose a different site this time, one which gets much more sun (for when it finally stops raining!) and really like this site.  A tree needed to have a bit of a haircut so my awning could fully extend and with a gift of firewood, I feel somewhat set up for the next few months.
I know the neighbors behind me, will never have a neighbor to the left of me and am enjoying this sweet time before the park starts to fill up.  I came in on Friday before the rain came back and was able to have a fire in the fire pit.  Several workers quickly showed up to share the fire and stories I have missed in my absence.  Looks like nothing much has changed:).

Welcome back to the Fun House!


  1. Nice spot. Looks like a great place to spend Summer!

  2. What a beautiful campsite! That's the kind I envision myself and my RV in. San Jose gets pretty hot in the summer, the mountains will probably be more comfortable.