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Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Week in Review

Tent Going Down
It was cold and wet Memorial weekend and I was happy to go to work on Friday.  By Saturday I was totally exhausted and could barely function.  It is always a bit tough for me to get back into those 8 hour shifts.  But I managed and at one point was pulled from the office to work in the check-in booth which was fast and furious and lots of fun.  The numbers are down this year so it actually felt much easier than last year but it may just be because I feel more comfortable with the job this year.

The park and my back yard changed dramatically while I was at work and I came home to a totally changed neighborhood.  I still did not have neighbors on my right or left, but the RVs behind me made it more of a trek to visit my weekend neighbors.  Jeff and Colleen fed me brats, corn on the cob, potato salad and beans as we all huddled under the big tent for warmth.  We were dry and Jeff had a roaring fire going at all times, but this cold weather has been very unusual. 
Even Young Ben Looks Cold

I filled up with propane when I left New Mexico on January 15th.  I did not need to fill my propane again until I arrived at the Hood on May 13th.  Now, only a few weeks later, I need propane again.  Because I can buy propane at a discount, I have been using my heater instead of the small electric heater I normally use.  It has been so cold I have run the heat more consistently than I have in over a year and a half.  Yep, it has been cold and damp.

The sun is supposed to return this weekend with temperatures possibly hitting the 80 degree mark and I am sure I won't be the only one happy to dry out and warm up.

I made a trip to Sandy, 17 miles away, on Tuesday to replenish supplies.  I had to make my move when there was a break in the rain so even though I thought later in the week would be better and give me more time to prepare, everything was accomplished within a few hours time.  Unhooked, outdoor furniture moved, inside prepared, down the road to Sandy, shop shop shop, back to the Hood, re-hook and re-situate.
After that out to dinner with co-workers as pizza and drinks were being paid for.

Wednesday rained all day so a good day to rest, read, clean the fridge and do some minor housekeeping.  I did my laundry on Monday so today my only chores are roasting up a batch of veggies and taking a shower.  And then it is back to work on Friday and a weekend that looks to be sunny and warm with not too many people checking in. 
Life is good and my new puppy, Peaches, who really isn't mine but belongs to Jeff and Colleen, will be up to visit again in a few weeks times.  Life is even better when a puppy is licking your face:).

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  1. I took a blog break for awhile and now I'm getting in touch with everyone I follow, blog by blog. It was your turn today. I sure hope we get the sunshine promised this weekend. Peaches is adorable as is the chocolate one you mentioned a few posts ago, I forget his name.