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Friday, December 31, 2010

Too Dang Cold

 It is almost noon and the temperature stands at 34 degrees.  I can see the clouds rolling in and the winds starting to pick up.  The low tonight is predicted to be 14.

Yesterday the winds remained ferocious throughout most of the day and evening with a wind chill of 18 during my work shift.  I was bundled up in a long sleeve T-shirt, sweatshirt, polar fleece vest, raincoat, hooded sweatshirt, hat and gloves.  Still froze every time I went outside.  I had to salt the decks because they were freezing where people had dripped their wet bodies.  The people soaking outside looked blissfully warm and contented.

Four more days to work and then it is my turn.

Happy New Year everyone.

This is NOT one of our pools:)

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