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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Review of Class C Minnie Winnie Winnebago

First picture of Minnie
 I have been full-timing for over a year in my 1996, 25' Minnie Winnie Winnebago (24.6') and have found it to be the perfect fit for me.  I knew nothing about the RV life, had never lived in one and didn't even drive Minnie before I purchased her.  All I knew was that was to be the next phase of my life and I jumped off the deep end and never looked back.  Another factor was that the home I was living in with my then husband sold within a week of going on the market and closed within 30 days.  Nothing to do but find a new home:).

I did do a lot of looking online and spent time going to RV dealerships sitting in various styles to get a feel of what might work.  I liked the vans and Class Bs  because of their size, ease of driving and good gas mileage.  I was glad I did not buy the smaller size while I was living in Oregon and the rain kept me mostly inside for several days in a row.  For those times I really needed more indoor living space.

I almost bought a Class A because I loved the living space.  It was a 29' Rexhall Aerbus but when I took it for a test drive, I didn't *love* driving it and got cold feet when in the process of signing the purchase agreement.  Still thanking my nervous system for that one:)  It would have been wonderful to live in, not so wonderful to drive.

I did like the Class Cs and the #1 criteria for me was the bed in the back.  I am too old to be going up and down a ladder to my bed each night and I do love my bed:).  So I had basically decided on a Class C.  They looked roomy enough and easy enough to drive, almost like driving a pick-up truck.

To make sure I covered all my bases, I posted a wanted ad on craigslist.  In return, this is the email I received:


Are you still in the market for a motorhome? My husband and I have decided to sell our 1996 24' Class C Minnie Winnie, as we just aren't using it anymore. It has the cabover bed as well as a double in the rear. It's really clean with less than 35,000 miles.

We've added a fully automatic power awning as well as headers on the motor.
I've enclosed a couple of outside photos, but can certainly send more of the inside if you're interested.

We'd like to get $17,000 for it.
Let us know if you're interested!"

The next day I went to look at Minnie, knew she was the one, asked if they could hold it for me until our house closed and I could return with a cashier's check and several weeks later she was mine.  Then the real adventure began:)!

I have purchased new tires, new car battery, new microwave, new heating element for the fridge, new motor for the power awning and had a few minor repairs.  This Winnebago is solid, has a great engine, fairly well insulated (withstanding 11 degree temps) and I have never second guessed my decision. 

The problem will be if I ever decide to sell her.


  1. The floor plan you have is about the best I have seen on a small format RV. I really like that one. The levelers might be a good add-on if you plan on ever doing much boondocking. Good way to cut costs, especially if you like the places you find out back.

    Thanks for sharing your adventure!

  2. Your MH is exactly what I want for myself - hearing your words looking back on the past year, and how you still love your home gives me hope that it will work for me, too, on a long term basis. Thanks for the insight.

    Happy New Year, Susan, have a wonderful 2011!

  3. Thanks, Susan! Your reasoning is similar to mine, so I'm looking for a similar vehicle. If I have to spend $17,000 it will be another year, though! I can't wait that long!

    Wishing you and yours many sunny(but not too hot) days, many happy trails, love, laughter, good health and success in all your endeavors, throughout the New Year!
    Cyndi and Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  4. Hi Michael, thanks for the suggestion. Also, good to hear from you again:).

    Thanks for the New Year's wishes.

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  6. HI,I just purchased the same RV used on Craig's list and was wondering if pain will stick to those walls?does anyone know???

  7. I just purchased a 1996 21 rk Minnie Winnie and it is dream come true....cracked my head on the roof a couple times, solid literally!

  8. Pain will stick to both walls and ceiling if you hit them hard enough.

  9. I have been looking at a 1994 minnie winnie that has 250,000 miles on it. Do you think it's worth the 9,000 asking price or is that much too high? Thanks, maria

  10. I have been looking at a 1994 minnie winnie that has 250,000 miles on it. Do you think it's worth the 9,000 asking price or is that much too high? Thanks, maria