The Aspect Of My Life

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

In with the New, out with the Old

Minnie is sportin' a red bow.  I probably would not have even gone that far if the other workampers hadn't started decorating the laundry room, their outside areas and any available tree or bush.  I love being able to find my way home from the lights circling the other RVs, but for me buying lights would just mean one more thing to find a place for.

X-mas Tree with blue balls
 I bought some new shoes and new clothes and as a consequence spent two days rearranging the inside of Minnie.  I went through my very small clothes closet and discarded enough clothing to give it a bit more breathing room.  Next I tackled one of the compartments over my bed that made me cringe every time I opened it, which was nightly.  I also went through the storage bins over the cab and found a few more items for donation.  A thorough cleaning, dusting and vacuuming made my home feel even more serene.  I also seem to be gathering as fast as I am clearing.
Exhibit A    Postcards I framed

Exhibit B   New poster featuring art work of an amazing woman I met
Exhibit C   Mayan ashtray that I just had to have
Add to that a few gifts I have recently been given and well, there is just no room for much else.  I also tend to become very uncomfortable with too much clutter in my life so my small living space demands cleaning and rearranging for most everything that enters my life. 

All this cleaning is also in preparation for my upcoming departure.  I will be heading to Phoenix for Christmas, then back to T or C, and then the great beyond after January 15th.

I am anxious for my freedom.


  1. I'm glad you showed the photo with your bed in the background. When I first saw your foorplan on-line and in dealer lots, I hated the idea of having my bed right next to the kitchen. Right out there. Now I think that if the bed is made every day and has nice bedspread and pillows, it's actually a decorator item. Your's looks wonderful! :) And confirms my new belief that this floorplan would really work for me.

  2. I love having the bed in the back. Took me awhile to get the right bedding, something that made it easy to make every day because it is "right out there". Hope it will work for you as well.