The Aspect Of My Life

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gypsy Blood

Inside a gypsy caravan
When I was a teenager I wanted to get my ears pierced.  My father's answer to that request was "only gypsies and prostitutes have pierced ears and I know of no gypsy blood in our family".  I think he was wrong.

I have always been fascinated by gypsies and when my father told me that current day gypsies traveled around in limousines, this time I could prove that he was wrong. 

I was traveling through Europe for my 21st birthday and while in Greece I found some gypsies on the street.  These young girls were dressed in beautiful, vibrantly colored dresses.  They wore scarves in their hair and earrings in their ears.  They were tan and their feet were bare and their smiles spoke of a happiness that only freedom can bring.  Even though I was solo traveling through Europe, I still wanted to be those young women.  I wanted to listen to wild gypsy guitars, violins and accordions.  I wanted to join their caravan.  I took their picture and had physical proof to show my father that the gypsies I had imagined did in fact still exist.

I have lost that photo amongst all my moves, a photo that was taken almost 38 years ago, but the image still remains.  I now travel in Minnie Minerva, my gypsy caravan, wear scarves in my hair and earrings in my ears.  I weep at the sweetness of  Jesse Cook when he plays his guitar and still dislike shoes on my feet.

And I still think my father was wrong about having gypsy blood in the family.


  1. Hi Susan,

    Interesting post you wrote about gypsies of Greece. Have seen pictures of their ornate caravans on the internet, awesome works of art. They are definitely an interesting people and have always been fascinated myself with their culture and lifestyle. Am not an RVer yet but will eventually be out there doing some soul searching. Virginia

  2. I am completely with you, and I know I have gypsy blood in my veins and their spirit in my heart and soul. It may have been a lifetime or two back, but it's there.